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My Journey of my final year of HS Football.

December 29, 2017

   Ending a 3-7 season in 2016 was dreadful, not to mention the little to no action on the field. Only thing I could do is kick a ball for about 45 yards and carry the ball for about 10 yards and be out of breath. Off season came around, it was time for change. I hit the weight-room the following day of being knocked off the playoffs for the first time in several years. Being out-of shape and weak, was not an option. I was about 190-200 pounds, standing at 5’8 at the start of my first varsity year of high school football. My numbers in the weight room were not what should be at this level of football.

   I began to spend countless hours in the weigh-room and at the track as well. I was fortunate enough to have an extraordinary mentor, trainer, and sponser to only teach me but GRIND with me. You can imagine what it is like training with an ex Navy solider, lots of mental toughness and consistency. It was rain or shine, we trained. Tagging along with my trainers son and competing with him was a key component. I previouslly have had no track-style training experience, but track training was a big success to my speed that I had developed in such short time. My freshman year I ran a 5.2 forty-yard dash and 13.0 100 meter. After training with my teammates, I was able to pull officially timed 4.8’s after eating a potential 0.5-1.0 pound burrito at my spring football camp. If I had known Lake Tahoe Football Camp was going to feed us an entire lunch meal before running 40’s, I would have not ran with a full stomach. 

   The 2017 football season was just around the corner. After countless hours grinding; sprint track workouts, lifting heavy weights, sprinting up mountains, and keeping my protein in take discipline, I was in the best shape I’ve been. I weighed in at 173 pounds and I was stronger than I have ever been before. I was benching 1.5 of my weight, and squatting 2x my body weight. I was able to beat guys in a race who were way better shape than I was, and who weighed 50 pounds less than me. I got the starting Job as running back for the Chico High Panthers and was the leading rusher for the team. I was granted the MVP of a game where I broke two 60+ yard touchdowns by Great American Rivalry Series sponsored by The United States Marine Core.

   The biggest take-away of this 1-year is if you want something, you must go earn it, no one will hand it to you for free. You must work for what you desire, my biggest and simplest motto is, You Get Out What You Put In.





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