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Stimulates muscle-building activity in the body ✝ 

Promotes rapid increase of nitric oxide levels ✝ 

Utilizes nanoparticle-based technology ✝

NaNo Arginine Explosion™

SKU: 126351351935
  • LuckyLand® NaNo Arginine Explosion™ is designed to stimulate muscle growth and boost vein-swelling vascularity by promoting rapid increase of nitric oxide production. 

    Formulated with nanoparticulation technology - a scientifically advanced procedure that makes the amino acids particles over 100 times smaller, LuckyLand® NaNo Arginine Explosion™ contains 4 explosive forms of Arginine, including L-Arginine HCL,
    L-Arginine Ketoisocaproic Acid ,
    L-Arginine Taurinate and  
    L-Arginine Pyroglutamine 
    to boost muscle mass and improve athletic performance. 

    Nanoparticle-based delivery system allows fast absorption of amino acids leading to significant vasodilation and increased blood flow that will deliver more nutrients to the muscles.✝